Phil Birkelbach's Christavia Build

My name is Phil Birkelbach and this is a website to document my second airplane build. My first airplane project was 727WB a Van's RV-7. It's been flying since 2005. I've missed building ever since that airplane was finished. Life has been in the way but I have finally been able to carve out some space and time and start on a new project

The main reason that I chose the Christavia is that I wanted an airplane that was the opposite of my RV-7. I wanted a high wing, low and slow tandem seat plane. One that was simple and inexpensive to operate. I also wanted to be able to get in and out of rough strips.

The Christavia was designed as a mission field workhorse aircraft. The aircraft is simple and over-designed. It should prove to be a reliable and easy to operate aircraft.